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My mission is to help women reclaim their mind, body, hormones, mindset, and feminine vitality naturally through movement, food, and the mind stuff. I am so glad you found me because ready or not, I'm about to help you change your life, your relationship, and your mindset.
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You’re a Cycle What? Fertility Coach, huh? What is THAT, exactly?

Improve Fertility Naturally

You’re a Cycle What? Fertility Coach, huh? What is THAT, exactly?

I’m being asked more and more what I do as Fertility Cycling Coach, or a fertility coach. The best I can come up with is, “It’s complicated.” How can I say, “I support women throughout the childbearing years with their periods, balancing their hormones, getting pregnant, during pregnancy and birth, and even in postpartum and beyond into perimenopause,” and make it sound fancy? Before your eyes glaze over, KNOW that this applies to you! There’s SO MUCH more to what I do…

Are you trying to regulate your menstrual cycle? ” I help women of all ages understand why we menstruate along with getting to know the stages of the menstruation cycle so that they can have a better appreciation for the fertile body and the female mindset.”

Are you thinking about planning a family and considering natural ways of doing it? Do you want to stop taking your birth control because you know it is only wreaking havoc on your body? Let me tell you about cycle mapping and natural family planning methods for getting pregnant and/or to avoid getting pregnant for now or for the long term.” I have developed a program on how to cycle sync for pregnancy, as contraception, and for having better sex! Yup, you heard that right… Better sex!

Many of my clients have been on the Trying to Conceive journey for a long time–sometimes years upon years. They follow all the #TTCcommunity posts on social media. They know just as much about the protocols as their doctors, endocrinologists, hematologists, and mother-in-laws. Then they decide to hire an unbiased third party for complimentary support. They seek a Fertility Cycling Coach for added support while struggling with infertility.


“My clients know the logistics of getting pregnant,
but how do they get out of the day to day of trying to get pregnant or
how to balance their hormones by making lifestyle changes that they have no idea exist?”

The next big question is, “Well, doesn’t my doctor or midwife do all of this?”  No. They don’t. Your doctor is the expert on medicine and follows a medical protocol according to your diagnosis, so medicine. Your medical provider is not a Fertility Cycling Coach offering mind-body solutions, and holistic regimens. Unfortunately, doctors are not the experts in healthy living, self-care, and holistic well-being. It’s just not part of their training. I like to say doctors offer the medical side of fixing things with drugs and band-aids while I offer complementary solutions to their expertise.

What I do actually complements the medical side of the things, thus making the medicine even more effective. I address your mind and your body. We look at the whole person from the holistic model. I help you get to the root cause of what is happening your body from a chemical standpoint or an anatomical approach.

I am definitely not against medicine and have a very strong appreciation for when medicine is needed, even though the goal is avoid unnecessary intervention. As a Fertility Cycling Coach, I help you have the conversation about which medicines you can ask your doctor about in certain circumstances and which medicines we can wait on.

Throughout our time together, I offer a listening ear, a new mindset with positive reassurance through conversations, texts, hypnosis/guided meditation, nutrition solutions, supplements that you can safely add to your routine, exercise, journaling assignments, and other tools that may be new or may be gentle reminders.

You see, Fertility is not only about getting pregnant. It’s about being healthy in your body, most importantly, your uterus, your vagina, your thyroid, and your mind. Who couldn’t use a little Infertility Support on this journey?

How often I work with you is up to you and where you are in your journey. I offer self-study programs, weekly, monthly, and even DAILY cycle coaching. If you are struggling or going through IUI or IVF treatments then daily coaching is highly recommended. If you are pregnant, then weekly, bi-weekly. or monthly are recommended. Fertility Cycling Coach packages are available starting as low as $399/ month. Contact me for more information.


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