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My mission is to help women reclaim their mind, body, hormones, mindset, and feminine vitality naturally through movement, food, and the mind stuff. I am so glad you found me because ready or not, I'm about to help you change your life, your relationship, and your mindset.
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Hypnosis for Women

Self-Hypnosis for the Modern Woman

Improve Your Life

Hypnosis is used for improving your life, turning your thoughts into reality, and envisioning the results you are working so hard to achieve. Using tools such as breathing, relaxation, and guided meditation, you will learn to use self-hypnosis. In each session, we will talk about what's going on for you, what change you would like to see, how I can guide you toward those steps, and then you will be led through a guided relaxation with soft music and a visual story that relates to the end result that you are hoping for.

While practicing hypnosis, you are in complete control, yet totally relaxed and in a dream-like state. This relaxed state allows your mind and body to absorb the suggestions that YOU want to follow while in your daily life, or waking state, in order to reach your goals. It's like meditation at the 10th power. When we turn off the 5 senses, our brains are more receptive. Our minds are pretty powerful leaders.

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Hypnosis for Women's Health
Hypnosis for Women

Nicole develops programs and hypnosis techniques that identify opportunities to become more efficient and more focused on your journey.

Through hypnosis, clients have gained clarity of their journey. Clients gain a better understanding of what they have to do to get to the end result. Hypnosis is an excellent complement to other modalities of treatment and to medicine. Accessing the mind and addressing the mind-stuff is a very powerful tool to behold.

It's the mid-stuff that holds us back. Once we possess the power to take control over that mind-stuff, the rest is cake. The tools and techniques that you learn in hypnosis can be used in other areas of your life, without or with less guidance. This is the next step in the process: Self Hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis because it is up to you to use the visualization, the methods, and the affirmations that you create in your mind with my help.

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