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Getting Pregnant

How to Read a Pregnancy Test

  So, you’re trying to conceive. You’re doing everything right from your diet and fitness to perfectly mapping out your ovulation cycle. You finally get to the point where you think all the trying may have paid off, so you unwrap that at home pregnancy test,...

There’s an App for That: Your Period

There’s an app for that – and by “that” I mean your period. Thanks to technology, it's easier than ever to keep track of your menstrual cycle. These tracking apps are designed to help you become more in sync with your cycle and better understand what...

Nicole Buratti Periods Fertility Pregnancy

Egg Freezing: Pros and Cons

Egg freezing. Not exactly a sexy topic, but one that more and more women are educating themselves on. Whether you’re a young woman delaying pregnancy to pursue your education or career goals, a woman in her 30’s taking extra precautions to save your eggs, or...

Nicole Buratti Periods Fertility Pregnancy

What Your Period Says About Your Health

Aunt Flo, surfing the crimson wave, on the rag, the red tide, that time of the month, menstruation, PERIOD. Whatever you call it on any given day, if you’re a woman you’ve more than likely been living with your cycle for years now. Love it...

Nicole Buratti Periods Fertility Pregnancy

Infertility: Let’s Talk

April is Fertility Awareness Month. Let’s Talk Infertility Infertility. It can be a scary thought, right? Especially when you want nothing more than to conceive with ease. Take a deep breath though because infertility might not necessarily mean exactly what you think it means. In fact, there’s...

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