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My mission is to help women reclaim their mind, body, hormones, mindset, and feminine vitality naturally through movement, food, and the mind stuff. I am so glad you found me because ready or not, I'm about to help you change your life, your relationship, and your mindset.
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Menstrual Issues? You’re Not Alone.

About once a month, we as women are graced with the joys of menstruation. And by “joys” I of course mean the slew of uncomfortable side effects that can accompany periods like cramping, bloating, acne, anxiety, and digestive issues. Like I said...

Why I Do Yoga

  I have been practicing yoga since I was 12 years old. I was invited to my very first yoga class when I was having a sleepover at my best friend, Jasmine's house. I loved sleepovers at her house. Her parents were vegetarian-artist-hippies that were so...

How to Birth Like an Olympian

How is Birth like an Olympic Sport? Let me count the ways. Think of birth as you have seen it on TV. Not so zen, right? Now, close your eyes and think of the Olympic Athlete making the same facial expressions, the same screaming and carrying on that...

Flu During Pregnancy

What if I get the flu while pregnant? What if I'm breastfeeding? It's flu season and germs are rampant. We are hearing of more flu cases this year compared to past years. People are wondering, why didn't more people get their flu shot? Others are assuming...

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